You must submit the following:

1. DevPost submission with your project repo, images & screenshots, and other details filled out.

2. Attach a pdf file of your documentation. This should be an 8 - 10 page document with the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose & Motivation
  • Step-by-step usage instructions
  • Team member roles and contributions
  • Difficulties & Challenges you faced
  • Market Evaluation (How do you see your product being used/distributed?)
  • Suggested Improvements
  • Conclusion

3. Short 2 - 5 minute video demo of your product, with explanation of how it works. You can submit this as a Youtube link, or Social Media Post.


To earn extra notice, we are allowing teams to submit a bonus task. The prompt is this: Design your best concept of a coronavirus mask that incorporates electronic hardware along with your QP Project! Here are the specific submission requirements:

  1. Attach a hardware schematic, and screenshots of your COVID-19 mask design.
  2. Write a detailed paragraph explanation of how it works (part of the submission).

By submitting this bonus task, you will have the chance to win a prize category of $600!